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Dawn of War 2 will give you a mixture feeling of intense battle multiplayer that defines a new level of Real Time Strategy and less appealing Role Playing Games-like campaign

Overall Score           8.7

Gameplay                      7.8

It is not surprise that we have waited with high anticipation to get this game in our hands. However players will find this game a lack of variety that previous Dawn of War (DoW) offers. The single player campaign will put players in control of 4 elite squads lead by charismatic commander with a very interesting story to tell that will glued your mind. Players will not be buildeing a base in the entire campaign which is a dissapointing aspect of this game. Players want to take sometime to enjoy expanding their base into huge impenetrable stronghold and gradually upgrade their units to see them turns into living fortress of destruction. Sadly, DoW 2 strips off completely this entertaining feature.

Campaign was not all that bad, there are loot that you can collect as you kill enemies and your commanders will level  up and earn new abilities and bonuses. Loot hoarding and unit personalization are the hallmark of DoW 2. Challenging end-level bosses and tactical battling to overcoming smart hordes of enemeies are icing on the cake. In the long run, the campaign will get repetitive for major DoW veteran players but not to loot-crazed fans and Role Playing Game (RPG) fanatics.

Multiplayer will give players a whole new change of perspective over less-impressive campaign. Players still cannot build the base, which is fine in this aspect. Since Multiplayer is about the speed, building base is just an obstacle for intense multiplayer battling. Players able to create unit immediately, take over strategic places to generate streams of revenue and pretty soon engage into combat with other players. The battle is so intese and enjoyable that the players will soon forget the repetitive campaign.

DoW 2 multiplayer requires player to be smart in using every units to full extend of their ability, not just simply create hordes of strong units and charge them blindly towards enemies’ base camp. If players know how to utilize skills of every unit, even huge army of enemies can be destroyed easily by smaller numbers. This is a highly competitive strategies that defines a new level of online  Real Time Strategy! It’s just adds up more fun if the players play it with their friends.

Graphic                          10

There is no questions that DoW 2 graphics are one of the best graphic any game ever come accross to. Lushful environment, vibrant sun-lighting, destructable environment and building, and awesome looking characters of DoW 2 are just simply breathtaking. The environment surrounds the player it is not just beautiful, but it can be beneficial or destructive towards the player’s survivability. The torn-down wall can be used to cover your commanders from the incoming legions of bullets to avoid pinned down. Players have to use the environment to its advantage to be effective in dealing with enemies because the players will face enemies in larger numbers than their own.

Sound                             10

Like the graphic on DoW 2, the audio on DoW 2 are perfectly utilized to add up the excitement DoW 2 offers. The voice acting are top notch with few memorable moments, like orks shoota boyz saying “dakka dakka dakka”. The explosion of grenades, the cry of battle, and the gun-totting emerges with clarity. The orchestral music background allows the players to become more immersed in the thick of action. Dawn of War 2 audio defines when a good music puts into good game can have a blast results.

Replayability               7

Aside from addictive intense multiplayer combat, Dawn of War 2 campaign does not anything else to offer besides ramping up the difficulty. The campaign are exclusively focused on space marines without giving any chance to see the perspective of other races such as, tyranids, eldar, and orks. A repetitive campaign and very limited perspective of single race de-motivate the players to revisit the campaign again.

Reviewed by Yugo C